Jarrod Watt talks building podcasts in multilingual Hong Kong and uncovering Australia’s Greatest Forgotten Inventor

How’s it going mates? We’re going to be talking to one of the most talented podcast editors I’ve ever chatted with, Jarrod Watt! Jarrod is a serial producer, writer, journalist and sound-hound (it’s what he calls himself as someone in love with beautiful sound design). The orchestrator behind many podcasts published by the South China […]

Andrew Wang of Inspired Money shares his Journey, and the Mission behind the Asian American Podcasters Association

In this episode, I had an amazing chat with Andrew Wang of the Inspired Money podcast, which is a Forbes Top 10 Personal Finance Podcast (whew!). While he’s not working on the show, Andrew, or Andy (whichever works!), is also a Financial Advisor and the Managing Partner of Runnymede Capital Management based in New Jersey. […]