What is this?

Podlovers Asia is an independent news site talking all about the podcasting here in Asia! Here, you can find thought pieces, latest rumours and announcements, and interviews with podcasters locally. Not a reader? That’s alright, because this can also be found in podcast format (coming soon)!

Who is this for?

Podcasters, and fans of podcasts! If you want to find out who the biggest players are in South East Asia for example, this is the place. East Asia? Sure. South Asia? I’ll cover it as well. Plus, what’s better than listening to raw conversations with podcasters who have made it to where they are?

For businesses and brands who are interested in tapping into the podcasting scene, this is also a good way to ease yourselves into it! All are welcome 🙂

Who runs this show?

It’s me!

This website is run by Norman T. Chella, aka. me! I’m a podcast rainmaker, helping other companies with their shows and more (eg. copywriting, digital marketing, virtual summit management, and other stuff). On the side, I’m a creative podcaster and all-time podcast enthusiast!

I’ve been staying up to date with the local podcasting scene and wanted to expand my horizons beyond my home country Malaysia. Naturally keeping up to date with the industry in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and more ignited a fire in me to start this website.

You can find out more about me at normanchella.com!

One question…why?

How’s the podcasting scene in Asia?

This was always a question asked to me throughout my efforts in understanding it myself. At first, I was just as clueless as they are.

The scene isn’t as developed as the US, UK or Australia, where there are awards, summits, and podcasting being the norm when it comes to hearing thought leaders’ opinions.

But there are treasures here in Asia: A ton of Asian podcasters have made successful shows, interviewed powerful figures, and made a name for themselves that way. I want to know more about them. That’s my curiosity engine revving for me.

Hence, the reason why I made this was to connect with all the interesting players in this region. Though most are independent and still doing fine on their own, it’s quite unclear to get a good idea of what’s happening. There’s no central place to find them all. Who are the biggest names in this country? How should I contact them? How do they add value to the Asian podcasting space?

I want to get to know them, befriend them, and tap into their wisdom. I want to chat with them. I want to know what makes them speak in front of the microphone, regardless of culture, mission, and values.

And then, a thought came to my mind:

Why not do it myself?

A slight disclaimer…

Take note: This site is to give you an idea of the podcasting scene here. It can be the thoughts of those interviewed, thought pieces on news, and another perspective on podcasting.

If you want to truly dive into the scene here, it’s best to use this site as a second opinion while you’re out there on the field talking to fellow podcasters. There is nothing better than being out there creating episodes and chatting with other creators to know more about the scene. I’m only here to give you another view!