Indian Noir’s Nikesh Murali shares how to write critically acclaimed fiction and capture India’s Crime and Horror podcasting scene

In this episode, we are having a chat with the host of Indian Noir, Nikesh Murali! Nikesh is a critically acclaimed crime and horror writer, as well as a globally acclaimed spoken word artist, the creator and voice behind India’s number one storytelling podcast, Indian Noir. He is a Commonwealth short story prize winner and […]

Danny Koordi of Fabl Productions talks becoming an independent podcast producer in Singapore and taking a leap of faith

This time, a quick trip to Singapore to chat with podcast producer Danny Koordi! Danny is a fulltime podcast producer and founder of Fabl Productions, creating narrative shows for clients and companies who want to convey a message in podcast format. I’ve known Danny since the Asia Podcast Summit last year, and this was a […]

Evo Terra of Podcast Pontifications shares starting Podcast #40, why privacy is an illusion and growing the Asian podcast ecosystem

In this episode, I had a chat with the wonderful Evo Terra! Evo is the host of the Podcast Pontifications podcast, a podcast about… podcast pontifications. In this show, he talks about the things that you should be thinking about when starting your own show or talking about the podcast industry in general. With 16 […]

Tech in Asia’s Nathaniel Fetalvero discusses content marketing strategy, Asia’s tech entrepreneur listenership, and covering business failures

In this episode, we’ll be talking with Nathaniel Fetalvero of Tech in Asia! Nat is the host of Startup Snapshot, a podcast by Tech in Asia, the leading publication covering the Asian tech scene. He is the interviewer, host and orchestrator behind the show, brought it together up to 3 seasons. Now launching a new […]

Podcast Engineers’ Dave Visaya talks podcast editing as a business, The Big Picture, and The Philippines Podcasting Scene

In this episode, we’re going to have a talk with Dave Visaya of Podcast Engineers!Dave is a specialist in podcast editing, providing editing services for renowned clients around the world. Not only that, he has his own show called The Big Picture, diving into the success stories of entrepreneurs all across The Philippines.We talked about: […]

Bangkok Podcast’s Greg Jorgensen talks living in Thailand, Getting 200 members on Patreon and The Thai Podcasting Scene

In this episode, we’re sitting down to have a chat with a successful podcaster based in Thailand! Greg Jorgensen is host of the Bangkok Podcast, and is on a journey to cover everything about the lovely city of Bangkok. Since 2011(!!), he covers a TON, from history to culture, specific locations and developments in the […]