Asia’s Podcast Industry, Brand Overhaul, and Podlovers Accountability (Reviewing Season 1)

In this episode, I reflect on the first season of Podlovers Asia, Asia’s Podcast Industry, and the upcoming Public Accountability Board! Enjoy. 🙂


  • 1:59 Asian countries to cover for 2020
  • 4:02 Lessons from running the show (Guests, Audio quality, shownotes)
  • 7:12 The great things I learned from running the show (Mission, Value, people’s support)
  • 9:02 Podlovers updates (New content categories)
  • 9:59 Podlovers Accountability Board
  • 12:40 Why am I doing this?
  • 13:37 Brand Overhaul aka. The Chicken
  • 14:34 What’s coming up next? Splice Beta 2020
  • 15:04 The secret codeword
  • 15:46 Question for you!


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2020 Podcast Predictions and Predicting the Asian Market

Good day! This is my reaction to the recently posted 2020 Podcast Predictions from Top Industry Leaders, released by Pacific Content.

It’s a super great article and I just want to discuss some of the points brought up in there.



  • [00:40] The Apple vs. Spotify Platform War
  • [02:30] Malaysia’s current podcast sentiment, Spotify’s integration and Apple’s efforts
  • [05:50] The Third: Google and its rise of features
  • [07:55] Lack of Apple Podcast visibility in Asia
  • [08:50] UI/UX Features will be the key
  • [10:34] Continued consolidation of podcasts
  • [11:54] Asian Gimlet-sized deals a possibility?
  • [12:57] More revenue models is good!
  • [14:47] The role of local podcasting networks
  • [16:29] Disrupting advertising metrics
  • [17:53] Going global: India is already here
  • [18:29] Ximalaya and Himalaya’s Chinese dominance
  • [19:54] Hotpod for the rest of the world
  • [20:37] How Podlovers Asia will contribute + personal predictions for the Asian space

Original article can be found here: 20 Podcast Predictions for 2020 from Top Industry Leaders

Exploring Music & Sound Design w/ Russell Sim of KITA! Podcast

In this episode, I take a deep dive into the mind of Russell Sim, the resident musician of the KITA! Podcast. If you’re unfamiliar, KITA! is a show that showcasing Malaysian voices and spoken word performances. Storytellers get on the air according to a theme, and with the help of the KITA team, take you through an experience. Russell helps out with weaving that experience through music and sound design.

We talk about his thought process when composing music, his history, inspirations and advice for budding musicians.

Without further ado, let’s get right into my chat with Russell Sim!

Main Links

Russell’s Social Media:

The KITA! Podcast

Podcast Market Update in Asia! Q3 2019 #5

In this episode, I try to connect a few datasets together: from global smartphone usage, to OS’s (OSses? Oh-Esses?) and the advent of Spotify for Podcasters and Google Podcast in Asia.

Then, I give my personal thoughts to how you should position yourself as a podcaster company, brand and potential player to this exciting region! 😄

Full Credits, Articles, Links

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Google, Asian Identity and Diversity: Reflection after Asia Podcast Summit #4

In this episode, I reflect on what happened during the live event of the Asia Podcast Summit, setting it up, and my take on what’s coming next!

During the event, we had a couple of talks:

  • Google and The Future of Podcasting by Stacie Chan, Google
  • Content Creation With Mics by Adwin Lin, Audio Technica
  • Podcasting In Asia: Challenges and Trends: a panel discussion moderated by yours truly, with panelists Niki Torres of Chief Best Friends podcast, Danny Koordi of Fabl Productions and Rindo Ramankutty of the Livin’ it up in the Lion City! Podcast.

We also had the announcement of the Asia Podcast Awards which you can check out at the Asia Podcast Awards website!

All in all, in this episode I reflect on

  • Creating a podcast virtual summit with fellow team members
  • Discussions in the QnA sessions with speakers on what Asian podcasting needs
  • The key takeaway points on podcasting here (the point on having an Asian identity is my favourite!)

I’m so grateful for the experience. Here’s to many more just like it, for the podcasting scene in Asia! 🔥


Asia Podcast Summit


Notable Persons

Stacie Chan, Global Product Partnerships Manager, Asia-Pacific at Google

Bill Poorman, Co-Host of the Foreign Influence Podcast

Nikolaj Groeneweg, Co-Host of the Foreign Influence Podcast

Niki Torres, Host of the Chief Best Friends Podcast

Rindo Ramankutty, Host of the ‘Livin’ it up in Lion City!’ Podcast

Danny Koordi, Independent Producer at Fabl Productions and Founder of Podcast SG

George Putong, APAC Content Marketing Exec at LinkedIn

Ling Ling Tai, Co-Founder of MeaVox Live

Raven Lim, Co-Founder of MeaVox Live

David Wang, Founder of ClickWP

Sheen Galupo, Marketing Coordinator

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Using Design in Podcasting with Kush Khandelwal! #3

In this episode, I’m excited to have a good conversation with Kush Khandelwal!

Kush is Co-Founder and Head of Marketing and Design at Renegade Radio. His experiences in designing and creating within various industries like Fashion, Tech, F&B, and even Blockchain had led him to where he is now, working on all parts of the creative spectrum. We’re talking sound design, video, photography and graphics design.

I wanted to have a quick chat with him about proper design practices in podcasting. Maybe there are certain trends that are doing really well right now, and maybe there are certain colour schemes that are not working. But, it’s best to ask from Kush and tap into his knowledge, thought processes and how he tackles this. We talk about:

  • Designing trends in the podcasting scene
  • Kush’s history and involvement in podcasting
  • What inspires him, his thought processes when designing podcast art, etc.
  • How to start designing for podcasts as a budding creative

Let’s get right into it!

“Because if we don’t offend anyone, we’re really not creating for anyone.” Amber Rae

Kush’s Links

Podcast Mentions

Design Mentions

Unlocking Malaysian Voices with Kelvin Tay of Renegade Radio!

In this episode, I sat down to have a chat with Kelvin Tay, the CEO of Renegade Radio.

Renegade Radio is an independent Malaysian podcasting network based right here in Kuala Lumpur. They produce shows, incubate ideas and promote the medium of podcasting throughout the nation!

I sat down with Kelvin to have a chat about:

  • How Renegade Radio came to be (eg. what horror podcast inspired him to start!)
  • The origins of the name
  • What he thinks about the Malaysian podcasting space, and
  • What he thinks is needed, from a network’s perspective.

If you are a budding podcaster and you need some level of outsourcing your production, or if you need to incubate your idea, or if you just don’t know where to go, and you’re in Malaysia, to check out


Kelvin Tay

Renegade Radio

Renegade Radio Podcasts

Other Mentions

Launching the Asia Podcast Summit w/ Ling Ling Tai and Raven Lim of MeaVox Live! #1

In this episode, I am excited to talk about the upcoming Asia Podcast Summit and the Asia Podcast Awards!

This interview is done with the two Founders of MeaVox Live, a Singaporean podcast company, providing consultation and education services about podcasting.

Ling Ling is the Chief Podcast Educator and host of the Leaders of Learning podcast, reaching 300,000 downloads as well as top five on Apple Podcasts in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia!

Raven Lim is the Podcast Consultant who co-founded the Tomboy Tirade Podcast, Asia’s first and only all female comedy chat show. She has launched another show called the Freelance Creative Exchange Podcast, which you can find out more on the MeaVox Live website.

Throughout the interview, Ling Ling Tai and Raven Lim talk about:

  • What’s been happening in the summit
  • How did they get to where they are right now?
  • Their thoughts on the Asian podcasting scene!

I am so grateful to both Raven and Ling Ling for being able to chat with me about podcasting, the Summit and about what’s needed here. In Asia, podcasting is a very difficult space to navigate because each country has their own set of qualities, tendencies, values different podcasting behaviors. But, it is really amazing to see that there’s effort in painting a really good picture of the scene here. I’m really happy to be part of the team to help them with it.


Introducing the Podlovers Asia Show!

Podlovers Asia was designed to reach out to key players in the Asian podcasting scene!

It could be an up-and-coming or successful podcaster, from various genres, ranging from business and tech to fiction and comedy. It could also be a key player further down the chain, from producers to other reporters, media companies, you name it. All to paint a great picture of how it’s booming. If you’re interested in this space, whether you’re a budding podcaster, a brand, or an avid listener, you’ve come to the right place!

About myself, I’m a podcast consultant, a creative podcaster, and obsessed about podcasts as you can tell. If I’m not writing articles, I’m consulting teams on their podcast strategy, and if I’m not speaking in front of the mic I’m probably drafting notes for another show.

But back to this.

Podcasting is already here, and it’s bullish. It is important to keep up to date on what’s happening, but it might be too difficult. Things can be fragmented, groups, gatherings and companies may be isolating themselves just to keep afloat, and who knows what interesting things can come out of interviewing podcasters here? So if you’re just interested as me in going down this path, keep on listening and if you’re up for it too, just hit that subscribe button in your favourite app. It’ll help the both of us haha.

Without further ado, let’s dive into…the Podlovers Asia Show.